Knowing God through the Bible and Science.



The following very helpful articles will give insight into what we believe and help you better understand the Bible:

November 13, 2017 talk on Evolution and Culture by Brian Cole (mp3)

Evolution: Fact or Fiction booklet to help critique information found in museums.

Historical Development of the Old-Earth Geological Time Scale, Dr. Terry Mortenson

Creation Q&A - very good source of links to information.

What is Creation Science - learn more about what we believe.

Ten Best Reasons for a Young Earth.

Evidence for a Young World

Fifteen Questions for Evolutionists

Top five scientific problems with evolution

Dinosaur Q&A Links

Astronomy Articles

Do you want to take a CREATION VACATION? You can click HERE to get information on places to visit with creation implications!

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There are some web sites of organizations which have an extensive collection of articles. You can search each of these sites to find information on practically any question you may have. They are:

  Answers in Genesis

  Institute for Creation Research

  CreationResearchUSA  site of John Mackay, a remarkable creation geologist from Australia

  Creation Ministries, Inc

  Answers Research Journal - this site contains peer-reviewed, technical articles.

  Discovery Institute - Intelligent Design site - very technical.

The following are web sites of various ministries which often contain helpful, interesting information. They are:

  Search for the Truth

  Twin Cities Creation Science Association (Minnesota)

  Quad Cities Creation Science Association (Iowa/Illinois)

  Greater Houston Creation Association

  Midwest Creation Fellowship (Chicago area)

  Creation Museum, Petersburg, KY

  Creation Today (Pensacola, FL)

  Bible and Science Guy  (blog - Debunking evolutionism. Exalting the Creator. Exploring Creation)

  Let Creation Sing (throughout USA)

  Creation-Evolution Headlines (Intelligent Design site)

  Crossroads Outreach (Comes alongside northern Wisconsin and northern Michigan ministries to help them grow

Northwoods Creation Association, Inc.