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Next Meetings

October 8: Ken Funk on "Information - a Unifying Biblical and Scientific Perspective."

November 11: Bruce Malone.  Topic to be determined.

December 10: Epigenetics- how your choices can affect your children's genes!

January 14: Topic to be determined.

February 11: Topic to be determined.

March 11: Don Slinger on "The Bible, Science, Indigenous Studies and Healthy Living."

April 8, Amos Tarfa.  Topic to be determined.

May 13: Julie Vonvett on "Noah's Flood and its Effects" Also, end of season dinner celebration!

Unless stated otherwise, all meetings start at 7:00 PM and are in the Conference Center of Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, 2100 Beaser Ave, Ashland, WI.

There is no charge but an offering will be taken.

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Welcome to the Northwoods Creation Association

Who We Are

If you've wondered about the Creator God, then the Northwoods Creation Association is the organization for you. We help people know God better through understanding the Bible and Science.  

We are concerned about how science is used to make God appear unnecessary, but, the Bible tells us that God is revealed in the natural world (Romans 1:20). So we will present the natural world to people in ways to help them better know God.

Knowing God Better through Science

We want to affirm the existence of God and the trustworthiness of the Bible by examining science from a Young Earth Creation perspective. While we recognize that adhering to this perspective is not necessary for salvation, we believe it best explains the relationship between the Bible and science. 

The Earth is Young
This perspective supports a straightforward reading of the Bible and argues for a young earth created in six literal days. By a young earth we mean it is less than 10,000 years old. We believe that originally everything on the earth was perfect but was corrupted by man’s fall into sin. There was a global Flood which laid down most of the sedimentary layers we see today, and new languages brought confusion when people disobeyed God at Babel. For a more detailed explanation of the views about creationism, click the RESOURCES tab above and read articles under "What is Creationism".

Keeping in Touch

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Northwoods Creation Association, Inc.