Knowing God through the Bible and Science.


Unless specifically stated otherwise, all meetings are at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, 2100 Beaser, Ashland, WI. Refreshments are at 6:30 PM and the meeting is from 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM.

Note: there is no admission charge but an offering will be taken.

September 10, 2018

Topic: God's Funniest Yet Vital Proteins (Kinesin  and Dynein)

See and hear about two of the most unusual protein groups in God's created cell 'tool kit'. These motor proteins relocate vital resources within the cell.Their unusual design and function literally make Mikals laugh when seen in action. Come enjoy another look at some of God's most unusual molecular creations. You will hardly believe it!

Speaker: Dan Mikals

Dan Mikal has presented over 700 lectures in the public classroom to more than 4,000 students, over 34 years of teaching Biology. He taught the Advanced Placement (AP) Biology curriculum for 20 years at Antioch Community High School.

Meet at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, 2100 Beaser, Ashland, WI. Refreshments are at 6:30 PM and the meeting is from 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM

There is no charge but an offering will be taken.

October 8, 2018

Topic: Information: a unifying and biblical perspective

Consider in a new way the significance of the concept of information. How does it relate to the science and extra-terrestrial intelligence? What does it communicate about the origin, design and function of living things?  And, how does information make Scripture more believable? The information we believe can affect our eternal destiny.

Speaker: Ken Funk

Funk worked for 28 years at Abbot Laboratories as a process development chemist and associate research fellow in the Volwiler Society. He led a section of chemists developing a process for and manufacturing of Lupron, TAP Pharmaceutical's billion-dollar nonapeptide drug for the treatment of such diseases as prostate cancer. During that time he had twelve publications, three patents, nine patent disclosures and a book chapter.

He attended Moody Bible Institute and graduated from Houghton College as a chemistry major, zoology minor. His masters and doctorate degrees from Case Western Reserve University were earned in organic chemistry, specializing in amino acid and peptide chemistry in the laboratory of world-renowned Professor Miklos Bodansky.

November 11, 2018

Topic: How design in nature is copied to design useful products.

Description to be provided.

Speaker: Bruce Malone

Bruce Malone gave his life to Christ over 25 years ago, as the Lord miraculously preserved him through a close call with death. Since that time Bruce has looked for a deeper purpose in life and realized that rejection of Biblical truth, justified by belief in evolution, is the acid which is eating away at the moral foundation of our culture. Bruce spent 30 years working as a research leader for the Dow Chemical Corporation, has a degree chemical engineering, and is responsible for key innovations which have resulted in 18 patents. But his passion is sharing the relevance and evidence for creation, so he retired early to become full time Director of Search for the Truth Ministries. Bruce has spoken extensively, from secular universities to Christian groups, in 12 countries. Since 2008 Bruce given almost 800 lectures to more than 50,000 people. More than 60,000 books on the scientific credibility of creation have been donated to students and prisoners. Bruce brings science alive through stories and demonstrations, showing that Biblical creation is the most rational explanation for the world around us. The purpose of both his books and lectures is to help the non-scientific layman understand the importance of creation while motivating and equipping them to share these truths.Coming Meetings

December 10, 2018

Topic: To be determined.

Speaker: To be determined

January 14, 2019

Topic: To be determined

Speaker: To be determined

February 11, 2019

Topic: To be determined

Speaker: To be determined

March 11, 2019

Topic: The Bible, Science, Indigenous Studies and Healthy Living."

God created us to live in an environment where we can find foodstuffs that are beneficial to us. How do we know what we should eat? What is the role of chemicals like zinc and boron in healthy living? And, how did bacteria evolve to beneficially live in our bodies? We will get some clues from archaeological studies and studies of indigenous people’s guts. And, finally, why is the 7th day of resting and fasting important?

Speaker: Don Slinger.

Mr. Slinger has a B.S. in Wildlife Management from the University of Minnesota and is a Graduate of Police Staff and Command from Northwestern University. During his 33 years in natural resource law enforcement he did lots of investigation. He also served many years on the Twin Cities Creation Science Association board of directors. 

April 8, 2019

Topic:  Why We Exist?

The question “What is the Meaning of Life” has been pondered for centuries. However if we are created beings, then we have to ask the question, why do we exist at all?

What is the purpose of our existence and how do we know that there is a Creator at all? 

Join us for a look at the issue of Creation and Existence. We will be looking at Creation through the lens of Philosophy in a way that anyone can understand. 

No background in Philosophy is needed. 

Speaker: Amos Tarfa

Amos Tarfa has degrees from the University of Wisconsin, Superior (Chemistry and a minor in Philosophy) and from the Foundations International Bible School. He expects to complete a Masters in Medical Physics in 2018.
Tarfa works at Radiation Physics Consultants and owns and teaches in the Math and Science Tutoring Center in Superior, WI.
Amos has published 5 books: Achieving Excellence as a Young Person (2006), Christianity 201: The Pursuit of Excellence (2010), Tools For Mastering Mathematics (with Nathan Jersett- 2015), Why Do I Exist? (2016), Changing Paradigms (2017).

May 11, 2019


There are two events this evening.

1) Dinner celebrating the end of another year of speakers and a trip. More information to follow later.

2) Talk on "Noah's Flood and its Effects".

One would expect that a global flood would leave obvious scars on the earth's landscape. This talk will show beautiful pictures taken in national parks in the southwest; these pictures clearly show effects of the Flood.

Speaker: Julie VonVett

Bio to be provided